I’m not really a list person. I vaguely think of things I need to do or get. I sometimes compile a list of DVDs I’d like to watch but throw it out when I’m cleaning up the lounge room. I save lists of ‘books you must read before you die’ when I see one. But in my heart of hearts I’m not a list person. Some people are: they have shopping lists, to do lists, Christmas presents lists. They get an endorphin rush from crossing things off their list.

My friend CJ loves lists. CJ is also a very organised person so this fits. Amongst her lists is her Top 5 list of words she’d like to see removed from the English language. Her top 5 (in no particular order, I checked) are: cookies, panties, c**t, fries (though ‘French fries’ is OK) and moist (but moisturise is OK). The reasons are: it’s a biscuit; it’s a silly word; it’s an obnoxious word; American (unless prefaced with French) and just yuck. This got me thinking about my Top 5 list of words that I would like removed. As I pondered I realised I didn’t have five, only four (which is more instagramish at least) and I’d rather they weren’t removed – I object to censorship. So, in no particular order, I detest the words c**t, tits, yo (but I quite like yo-yo) and bloody. My reasons being: it’s obnoxious; it’s an ugly expression; sounds so dopey and sounds ugly (plus the connotation is too).

Any other words that need a smack out there? Or how about words being misused or abused?

Image used with permission from Microsoft.