I love playing Scrabble, old school and on a board at that. I like crosswords too but Scrabble is better. I’m really hopeless at cryptic crosswords, I must be far too literally minded as I can usually only get a couple of the clues. But Scrabble is fun. I was wondering when Scrabble had been invented and it was back in 1938 though it didn’t take off till 1948. It was even on TV once!

A small group of my friends and I get together to play Scrabble regularly which is always fun. There’s dinner, wine and then the Super Scrabble board is brought out. Two of us are really competitive and two of us aren’t at all. Always fun watching the serious ones having conniptions about using the dictionary to look up two-letter words. I don’t have a problem with using ‘hi’, ‘um’ or ‘ut’. There are also the great charades when someone is taking too long to have their go. Setting the alarm on the stove, a phone and a watch to go off simultaneously or getting a pillow and snoring loudly at the table – oh so subtle. Serves them right for not letting us use the dictionary!

But using the dictionary (on-line or old school) when playing Scrabble can be enlightening. I never knew there was such a thing as an axone (from cell biology, it’s the appendage of the neuron that transmits impulses away from the cell┬ábody). Or that ‘ut’ was the beginning of the scale before ‘do’ (as in do, re, mi, fa etc).

My hubby doesn’t seem to have a Scrabble brain so he’s free to use a scrabble cheat site if it’s just us playing. That’s where he found axone. But I still won.