About the blogger

Hi there and welcome to my little blog. And here’s a little about me. I was born in Sweden and moved to Australia as a young child. I had a classic 80s childhood in Wollongong, walking to school with my little brother and riding my bike wherever else I wanted to go. Spent weekends at the pool or the beach or horse riding. I moved to Canberra as a teen and loved it here from day one. Have since lived on the south coast and overseas but enjoy living in the nation’s capital. Don’t believe the bad press, Canberra is a beautiful city filled with friendly and magnanimous people.

As for the word thing. Well, I’m doing a writing course and needed to come up with a blog theme. Sadly, blogging doesn’t come naturally to me but I love to read. I remember being able to read very well at a young age and would always ace any comprehension tests in primary school. I’d read anything put in front of me. This did have its drawbacks however, I read Animal Farm when I was about nine and really shouldn’t have – I was distraught for weeks. A little later I also sneakily read a romance novel of my mum’s (I think Fabio was on the cover) and was disgusted for weeks.  I’ve also read some of the serious classics, the Fire and Ice series, lots of literary fiction, German poetry, paranormal romance, fantasy, biographies, non-fiction and some deliciously trashy novels. I have not read Fifty Shades of Grey and I didn’t enjoy Lord of the Rings (but love the movies – can’t wait for The Desolation of Smaug). I did finish American Psycho and still regret that I persevered!

These days I work in project management and do a lot of business writing for a living. I honestly don’t think I have a novel in me. Or a movie script. But hopefully a little blog.


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