What’s a big word for ‘begin’?

I’ve long been fascinated with language and words, with writing and meaning and with the wider realm of all things communication. I’m multi‑lingual (but rusty!) and love how sounds can be unlocked and become meaningful language. I also remain utterly convinced that there is a word for anything and everything in some language, somewhere.

Wordy Goodness is, as you’d expect, a blog about words. I will be posting about individual words – there will be a series of regular segments such as Corporate Speak and Top 5 – but I will also post about groups of words. Maybe a turn of phrase I like (or not), a powerful metaphor, a funny sentence, a paragraph that made me laugh or cringe or reflect. Something that struck a chord with me.

I’m not a linguist and certainly not an academic but will always try to make things informative or, failing that, thought provoking and open to discussion.

And so to begin (or initiate, commence, inaugurate or launch), here is my first installment of Corporate Speak. All Corporate Speak entries are true stories from my project management day job in a big (Dilbertesque – is that a word?!) corporation:

Learnings (noun)

Corporate definition: Something learned; knowledge gained from something; the outcomes of learning. Rather like a ‘lesson’ but better.

Use when: Describing the outcomes of acquiring new knowledge or information when the words ‘lessons’ or ‘insight’ don’t exude enough character.

Used in a sentence: ‘To ameliorate our core competencies, we must reflect upon the key learnings from the conference.’


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